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  • Sex:Female
  • To Meet:Men
  • Age:38
  • City:Los Angeles
  • State/Area:California
  • Country:United States
  • Last Login:Less than 24 hours ago
Interested In:
  • Ethnicity:Ask Me
  • Status:Single
  • Smoker:I don't Smoke at all
  • Drink:I don't Drink at all
  • Height:
  • Body Shape:Toned
  • Hair Color:Ask Me
  • Eye Color:Brown
About me: I am very organized, responsible and independent.I love reading,playing video games,and basically I enjoy life.Im not argumentative in fact I shy away from conflict.I hate negativity.Im an encourager and I push my self very hard.Im extremely hard on myself and Im afraid of failure.I will do anything for my family and friends. Im a person who loves to give. I love to cuddle, I love to laugh and smile. I also love to read and travel.I dont make the fist move because I am so shy. Communication is the number one attribute that can make or break a relationship.To sum me up Im a fighter and a dreamer who is aspiring to change the world.Im a hard working,fun loving,joy abounding,hyper young adult.
Looking for: I am searching for someone who shares the following qualities with me.Thoughtful, loving, goal oriented, along with sense of humor,Softspoken, well mannered, dedicated. An honest man, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, easy going, romantic, soft-spoken and sensual. Have got tired of being alone and lonely all the time, i wanna make some changes in my life and thats why am taking my time to search for the right man who will be there for me till the end of time. In relationships I seek a genuine partner, a serious relationship that will turn something meaningul. It's very easy to find people who will wander into your life, play various games (that ultimately are self-interest based) & who will get scared away for various different reasons. I'm looking for a peer & that does not mean academic or otherwise - I'm talking about a real human being who from his free choice after having gotten to know me, can think & feel with heart & mind that our paths should be together & not separate & that I feel likewise . I'm looking for a man with a good heart & a brave personality. A sometimes stubborn, often thoughtful man who puts a great deal of effort in for no other reason then she feels that this is the "right thing to do" & enjoys being this way. A man who is affectionate and playful and not manipulative nor exploitive. We are both responsible for our own actions & decisions. I won't chase you & I won't tell you how to live your life. I do not seek a relationship that is ignorant of marriage. I'm not your "boss" & I'm not your "slave" I'm your partner.I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows
My Likes: Not Completed yet