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  • Sex:Female
  • To Meet:Men
  • Age:28
  • City:Rawson
  • State/Area:Victoria
  • Country:Australia
  • Last Login:Less than 24 hours ago
Interested In:
  • Ethnicity:Native American
  • Status:Single
  • Smoker:I don't Smoke at all
  • Drink:I don't Drink at all
  • Height:
  • Body Shape:Other
  • Hair Color:Alburn
  • Eye Color:Blue
About me: I love the word random because it best describes my life and everyone in it. I owe everything to my best friends, Angie, Janelle, Tiffiny, Brianna, Aly, & E. My friends are borderline amazing, without them I would be lost. I appreciate life and I am grateful for everything I have. I believe in karma, and she can be a bitch. More of a giver then a taker but I wouldn't have it any other way. I tend to be most appropriate times. I'm a . I can't start my day without reading my horoscope. I wear titty tassels everywhere I go, including the gym. Laughing uncontrolably is the greatest feeling in the world. I have an obsession with condiments, particularly mayonnaise. My personal philosophy has always been clothing optional. The word "settle" isn't in my vocabulary. Traveling to other countries is my passion. I will work on SNL one day. Its not a good night out unless I come home barefoot with a McDonald's bag. Using men's bathrooms is a must. Wine makes me feel pretty. 8-10 hours of sleep a day is crucial to my well being. Work hard and play harder. Robertson Blvd is my second home. The morning after "sex hair" is my favorite hair style. I never get bored thanks to my costume box. Draft beer not people. My first born child will have a mullet. I probably knew you in one of my past lives. Road trips and people watching are my favorite hobbies. I quote a different movie in every single conversation I have. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is my jam. Massages are the key to my heart. Stilettos make me feel like giselle bundchen. Your mother jokes & farting will never get old. I never leave home without my chapstick & penis straw. Tequila makes my clothes fall off. Spandex is a privilege, not a right. Never say never. My bath tub is used for eating dinner and making important phone calls. Looks can only take you so far, if you don't have personality to back it up...you ain't got shit. Krispy Kreme makes me smile. Falling off of bars is my favorite past time. Kankles and double chins brighten my day. I love music that makes think. Mongoloid is my favorite word. I'm a sucker for blockbuster nights. I drink sprite like its my job. Text messaging affairs are my favorite. Drunk dancing is the best. Singing obnoxiously is a good stress reliever. Spinning makes my ass look hot. I love trying to speak Chinese. Originality is a disease, spread it. always looking for a male friend, playfull underscore /playfull underscore ... I'll be waiting...:)
Looking for: just have some sense of humor...
My Likes: Not Completed yet